Strengthening The Link Between University Research
and Industry To Support ASEAN Energy Sector

Bumi Surabaya Hotel, Surabaya, Indonesia
28th - 29th of August 2017



Surabaya is the biggest and the oldest city in Indonesia, with total area of 330.45 km2 and total population of more than 3 million people at night and more than 5 million people at work hours. It is located on the northeast of Java Island. Surabaya is a seaport with Tanjung Perak Port as its main port. Tanjung Perak Port serves as the hub/center for inter-island shipping in the Eastern region of Indonesia. The name Surabaya was originated from many sources. On the delta of Brantas river estuary, many settlements big and small exist for a long time with distinct names, among others Surabayan, Ujung, etc. In the history of Kublai Khan, three of its mighty battleships have been defeated in Ujung Galuh (1293AD). Surabaya also known as the city of heroes, the title was given related to the heroic spirit and commemorate the battle of surabaya in 10 November 1945. People from different ethnicities coming from the eastern part of Indonesia (such as Maduranese, Balinese, etc.) have been visiting and living in Surabaya as the result. In addition to the two ethnic groups mentioned above, people of Chinese, Arabians, and Indians descendants also inhabit the city along with the native Surabayans (Javanese), making Surabaya to be a multi-ethnic and multi-religion city. (Source:

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